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THC capsules, phoenix tears, shatter, caviar & live resin cannabis extracts available.

Sky High Exotics is the best place to buy concentrates online. All of our cannabis products are handpicked with the finest care. If you live anywhere in Canada, you can get high quality marijuana extractions shipped directly to your door. Our products are shipped to you in a discreet smell proof package so there is no need to worry when you order from us.

A marijuana concentrate is a highly potent cannabis product that is chemically extracted from the cannabis flower. Concentrates come in many forms including THC capsules, phoenix tears, shatter, caviar & live resin just to name a few.

Check out our wide selection of cannabis concentrates & extracts. Order everything from shatter to gel capsules.

Buy concentrates online WARNING

Most concentrates are incredibly strong with somewhere between 50-80% THC content. This means it only takes an extremely tiny amount to experience a long-lasting, powerful high. So use them with caution and start off slow.

Store marijuana concentrates responsibly. This might sound obvious but make sure to keep these products far away from children and animals as they could cause them serious harm.

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