Whats the minimum amount I can order?

Yes, there is a minimum of a $100.00 required before shipping and handling fees.

What happens to my order if I don’t submit a payment?

Orders will only be held for 48 hours. Orders will be cancelled if we don’t receive payments in that time frame.

How do I send an interact E-transfer?

If you regularly use online banking through your credit union or major bank, then you may already be familiar with the ease of sending an e-transfer. A link for an “Interac e-Transfer” can typically be found on the home page of your online banking under the category of “Transfers”.


If you are having trouble finding it, a quick Google search of “your bank name” + Interac e-Transfer should direct you to instructions for where the link is located. If this does not work, please contact your banking institution directly or visit


Once you have found the link and initiated the payment transfer, please complete all information for the “Recipient” exactly as outlined in the “Order Receipt” you received at checkout and via email.


*Please make all payments to SKYCA.CONSULTANTS@GMAIL.COM


I’ve sent my E-transfer. How long will it take to get to me?
Once you’ve sent your E-transfer, it could take up to 40 minutes for us to receive an email notifying us of your payment. Your E-transfer will be pending until we collect the E-transfer (when we process your order).
Is tax included in your price?
Yes, 5% GST is included in product prices. 
What methods of payment do you accept?
We are currently only accepting E-Transfer right now


Are the product images real?

Yes! Product images are taken by us (unless provided by our vendors). Pictures may appear different from real product.




What is the difference between sativa and indica?

Sativa and Indica are the two major types of cannabis plants which can mix together to create hybrid strains. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.

The high produced from smoking Indica bud is a strong physical body high that will make you sleepy or ‘couch-locked’ and provides a deep relaxation feeling compared to a Sativa high, which is known to be more energetic and uplifting.

Marijuana strains range from pure sativas to pure indicas and hybrid strains consisting of both indica and sativa (30% indica – 70% sativa, 50% – 50% combinations, 80% indica – 20% sativa). Because Sativa and Indica buds have very different medicinal benefits and effects, certain strains can be targeted to better treat specific illnesses.

Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor to the buds (ex. Kush, OG Kush) providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders.

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an indica strain of marijuana, like Kush.


There is an issue with my product

If there are any issues with your products please email us at SKYCA.INFO@GMAIL.COM

Please include your order number, the issue, and videos/pictures. With big orders please make a video opening your package,weighing the flowers and counting number of items and contact us right away if there are any issues ie. short grams on flowers, missing products. WE DO DOUBLE CHECK ITEMS BEFORE SENDING THEM OUT, BUT MISTAKES ONCE IN AWHILE DO HAPPEN. IF NO VIDEO IS MADE THEN WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR CLAIM.


**The use of cannabis my cause side effects such as dry mouth, panic attacks, paranoia, anxiety, migranes, etc. Cannabis affect people differently. Please consult a doctor before using cannabis for medical treatments. Please use at your own risk and discretion.

**Please note that products from our suppliers come prepackaged. We do not tamper with them and will not be held liable for any problems. 

**Spillage of extracts, concentrates and other products could be due to hot weather en route for delivery or handling of Canada post. 





Do you give product samples?

We normally don’t give out samples with orders. Once in awhile we will include a flower sample with orders if we have a surplus to help promote it. We will no longer be giving out samples at request, especially our premiums buds. SupplIies are limited due to our mix and match series and wholesale. Sorry for the disappointment this may of caused.

Terms and Service

1. All deliveries must be to a Canadian address

2. To buy marijuana products from you must be at least 19 years old

3. Skyhighexotics will not be held liable for lost orders due to: – mistakes made by the postal offices – wrong address given by the customer – damage to order by postal service – expired PO BOX numbers – stolen packages after delivery

4. Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice

5. The shipping & handling charge for orders under $200 is $15.00, for orders $200 and over we ship free nationwide! *excluding certains coupons used*

6. You are not a citizen or resident of the United States of America

7. You are not affiliated in any way with any law enforcement

8. All orders are guaranteed by Canada Post to arrive on time, with the exception of Newfoundland, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. (For more details: XpressPost FAQs)

9. All orders placed after 11AM PST will be shipped out the following business day

10. Please use all products on our site responsibly. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence. 

11. All cannabis strain information displayed on this website is based on user reviews and information gathered online. The displayed strain data should be treated as an informative tool and not as medical recommendation. The use of cannabis may cause side effects such as dry mouth, panic attacks, paranoia, anxiety, migranes, etc  Please use at your own risk and discretion. Please consult your doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes


Privacy Policy

 We operate responsibly, honestly, providing good customer service to make sure all our customers receive top quality product that is potent, authentic, clean, free of any type of foreign tainting such as mold, fungus, mildew, lacings of nutrients and fertilizers.

Be aware that here in Vancouver, Cannabis products for recreational use is freely accepted and tolerated by the majority of citizen’s here. and we operate a responsible, discreet needed service, partnered with the best growers in the industry in an honest professional manner.


There are known risks associated with the use of cannabis/marijuana products. By purchasing any products from our online dispensary, you are acknowledging that there are known risks and you are agreeing to not make any claim or complaint or commence any proceedings against Sky High Exotics and/or any agent working on their behalf. By purchasing any of our products, you are acknowledging that you are over the age of 19 years old. You release Sky High Exotics, and any agent working on their behalf from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, complaints and demands for damages, loss or injury whatsoever arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of your use of cannabis/medical marijuana products. This release from liability is to be binding on your heirs, executors and assigns.

Ask us a question

14 + 13 =


What are the shipping fees?

Shipping fees are $15 for all orders under $200  and free for orders of $200 or more. Please note free shipping does not apply when a coupon code is used. All orders are shipped by Canada Post’s Xpresspost service. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number via email. Typically, you will receive your order within 1-3 business days unless you live in a remote area. Orders placed before 10am PST will be shipped out same day. If your order was placed on Friday after 11 am PST or the weekend, then the order is going to be processed and sent out the following business day.

Do you ship outside of Canada?
No. we only ship within Canada.
How is my order packaged and delivered?
Your order will be discreetly packaged and vacuum-sealed to protect and maintain your privacy. We ship using Xpresspost mailers or nondescript boxes with no indication of what is inside.
What happens if i don't get my package?

If you do not get your package 2 days after the expected arrival date, let us know and we will file a trace with Canada Post.

If a trace is filed, Canada Post will conduct an investigation (which can take 5 business days to complete). If they can locate the package, they will ship it to you and you’ll get it a few days later. If it’s deemed “unrecoverable”, we will send you a 1x replacement package, free of charge (does not apply if you waive signature).

Skyhighexotics will not be held liable for lost orders due to: – mistakes made by the postal offices – wrong address given by the customer – damage to order by postal service – expired PO BOX numbers – stolen packages after delivery

We do not offer postage refunds if your order arrives late due to any postal issues.

Repeat: We would not replace any orders that have been delivered but missing due to no signature on delivery or safe dropped.

Does shipping come with a tracking number?

All shipping comes with tracking information and signature on delivery. You may waive the signature but that would also waive our responsibility if the order gets delivered but goes missing when you arrive home. We do not recommend that but sometimes your busy schedule cannot make the post office during their short hours. If you decide to waive signature please put down “no signature or N/S” in the order note section and not the EMT message section. We strongly suggest setting up a flex delivery address with Canada Post. 

It may take up to 24 hours for Canada Post to update their system with the tracking number.
If after 24 hours the tracking still does not work, please email us at

If you’re tracking your package on Canada Post’s website and it has not updated in sometime, it’s most likely due to your package missing a scan, which is fairly common.


Shipping to Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut?

Unfortunately, we experience much higher % of postal thefts when shipping to these provinces. We cannot offer any delivery guarantees if you live in these areas and you will be ordering at your own risk. This means you will not receive a replacement package or refund if your package is lost or stolen.


Why do I have to verify my age?
We have to make sure all other customers are 19+. We don’t sell any products to minors
Is it safe ordering from Skyhighexotics?

We are 1 of over 100 dispensaries within Canada (over 200 in Canada) that are NOT operating under the new federally approved medical marijuana system. To qualify under that system, you will need to acquire doctor’s approval and permission from Health Canada to purchase directly from a federally approved licensed producer.

City Hall and the VPD have allowed dispensaries to operate so people can safely access the medicine they need. There have been dozens of mail-order marijuana sites operating out of Vancouver over the past 2 decades, and we have yet to hear of any single person who has been charged for receiving their medicine in the mail within Canada.

How do I place an order?
If you haven’t register with us yet please do so. Only members are allowed to place orders. You must prove that you are over the age of 19 and a resident of Canada to order with us. No exceptions.


Simply browse our items and add to cart. You are able to shop with us without having to log in but when you want to checkout it would require you to log in to your account.

We do not accept large orders that exceed quantities stated on our site as it is intended for personal or medical use only. However, you can place multiple orders at any given time.




Can i add/edit/cancel my order?

If you would like to add or edit your order, you’ll need to enter a new order and we will cancel your original order. Please contact live chat or email SKYCA.INFO@GMAIL.COM  with the order number you would like cancelled.

If a customer has placed an order and completed interact e transfer but wants to add/change their order, simply contact us as soon as possible to avoid extra shipping costs.

If you would like your order cancelled and it has not shipped out yet, please email SKYCA.INFO@GMAIL.COM

*Please note that our efforts are to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible.


How do I use the promo codes?

Promo codes can be apply at check out. Promo codes excludes sales ,bundle items.and wholesale. Only one promo code can be used at a time.

Current Promo Codes:

newskyhigh10 : only for new members first time orders

Hours of Operation

We offer customer service Sunday to Friday from  9am PST – 7pm PST via email or live chat. We value and respect our customers. Let us know how we can help you.


Email: or livechat



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