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Cannabis – You can smoke it, you can eat it, and now you can DRINK IT!

One of the best things about marijuana tea is you can enjoy it from anywhere anytime. All you need is a little bit of hot water. It’s a discrete way to enjoy your high so there is no reason to get paranoid. Whether you’re searching for a stress release or a break from your aches & pains our THC/CBD infused teas are a healthier alternative to smoking. Drinking marijuana tea is a better substitute to drinking alcohol. Wouldn’t it be better to wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed? Skip the ugly morning hangover and bring an extra-comforting cannabis sensation to your gathering. Stimulate the senses while you socialize with your friends and debate the meaning of the universe. Enjoy your Cannabis medicine in tea form. Browse through our selection of cannabis tea’s for sale.

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Marijuana tea can take longer to kick in than smoking it. So start off slow. You can’t easily un-drink a weed beverage but you can always drink more. The dosage of each marijuana product can be different so make sure to read the package carefully before consuming it.


Store all cannabis products responsibly. This might sound obvious but make sure to keep these products far away from children and animals as they could cause them serious harm.