Honey Badger Shatter – Cream D’Mint (Hybrid 50:50) collab with Hierba

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Cream D’ Mint is bred by Exotic Genetix.
Mother: Cookies & Cream
Father: Mint Chocolate Chip
Family: 50/50 Hybrid
Sex: Reg
Growing Conditions: Multi-topped Bush
Height: Medium
Flowering Time: 56 Days
Yield: Medium Heavy Prodcuer

Shatter is smooth, clear and solid. It is the purest and most potent form because it involves a second extraction process that removes fats, lipids and waxes. Shatter is a refined version of BHO, which typically involves multiple steps to extract all the plant matter and solvents. These steps usually involve a pressure vacuum. Shatter is semi-transparent, usually with a yellow or amber colour. It is usually a thin cake, which ‘shatters’ when you break a piece off, hence the name. Shatter is very potent, and can be upwards of 90% THC.

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Honey Badger Shatter – Cream D’Mint (Hybrid)

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2 reviews for Honey Badger Shatter – Cream D’Mint (Hybrid 50:50) collab with Hierba

  1. Silas Kannutaq
    Rated 2 out of 5

    Silas Kannutaq

    I don’t know why this one didn’t have that extra packaging that all honey badger had. due to it didn’t have another bag, its very dry shatter. Also very dark shatter looks like it’s made from shakes and leafs, not from nugs(buds). Since its pretty dry, it lost some terpenes.

  2. Mike Salter
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Salter

    This prior reviewer doesnt know what hes talking about…

    Darker shatter has nothing to do with using leaf or trim…

    Nor is this shatter dried out due to not having extra packaging

    Nonsense…. ive received many HB grams in the basic packaging and its always top notch

    Stop whining

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