91 Supreme HCFSE/HTFSE Caviar – Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid-Indica Dominant 75:25)


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Cheese Cake x Dream Cookie
Marijuana Seeds Description
Cheese Cake
A genuine marvel of flavor combinations, the Cheesecake lends true to its namesake. Marrying sweet scent from the Confidential Cheese lineage with GSC whips up a symphony of delicate, but in no way subtle bouquets of gentle sweet cream scents with a distinct baked, doughy, combined-with-earthy, nutty smells. The long spears, often peaked with multi-stacked foxtails, are uniquely combined with a heavy sandy coating of crystals and present a unique and appealing flower. An eye-opening sour kushy inhale shocks the palate, setting up a scrumptiously sweet departure.

Dream Cookie
Is a perfectly mixed hybrid strain that harmoniously blends genetics from two fan favorites, Super Blue Dream and Girl Scout Candy. This robust and fragrant variety produces a euphoric body buzz and a strong sativa kick that keeps your energy up. Though a good choice for social gatherings and mood elevation, Dream Cookie might not be ideal for focus as attention and thoughts tend to wander aimlessly with this strain.

75 %indica/25% sativa

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