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Shatter is a powerful marijuana concentrate with a smooth amber glass like appearance.  Perfect for vaporizers and dabing. When you vape shatter the smell doesn’t tend to stick to your clothes which is an added bonus for many. It also doesn’t have as many carcinogens as smoking pot so it can be a healthier alternative.

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With it’s extremely high potency it doesn’t require much to achieve a buzz. The effects are much more psychologically and physically intense than smoking marijuana flowers. It’s one of the purest forms of concentrated cannabis available on the market today. THC counts are often coming in at 80% or higher which means it takes much less to achieve the desired effects. This can reduce your costs in the long run but make sure to start off slow.

Store marijuana products responsibly. This might sound obvious but make sure to keep these products far away from children and animals as they could cause them serious harm.

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